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Christmas Trees Endanger the World

By William May
Published: 12/31/14 Topics: Government, Holidays Comments: 1

Christmas Trees Endanger the World

The latest target of career politicians is the lowly Christmas Tree. They have pronounced that live- fresh versions are terribly dangerous when located in public places, like hotels, condo buildings, restaurants and even correction facilities (Double speak for jails.)

This is really just the latest example - where one group of people decide to punish and impugn the people who behave differently than they.

Here is the pitch from Honolulu Fire Dept. Battalion chief Terry Seelig found on KHON TV Honolulu website in Hawaii:,

"Our goal is to help them understand what their options are," proclaims Seelig. Inherent in his hubris is that he and fire chiefs know what is best for everyone, even those who want to have a Christmas tree.

In faux generosity he is wiling to allow that those under his thumb, "They can have limited amounts of cut vegetation."

Why must he create strange new terms and then explain them to the public like they are children? It is just his method of minimizing the people he serves.

And if you think politico speak is rare, get this one from Seelig, "They are going to probably have some change remorse." Really? Change remorse? Why can't he just admit, "this is really going to peeve people but I just really don’t care what anyone things who thinks differently than me?"

No one should be surprised by this latest government official land grab. Big brother has an insatiable appetite to gain mind control citizens in every possible way, and to do it with inane laws and regulations.

The hypocrisy is proven by the fact that he is willing to grant some dispensation to the lowly serfs by saying that people "Can have trees in their individual apartments." So if a tree is not dangerous in a private home why is it not safe in a restaurant?

This is not a rant about the political left or the right, but about a much more dangerous group - Government thugs who feel they have nothing better to do with their time than to find a single complaint and decide that 300 million people should adjust their lives to conform to the mathematically unlikely scenario that a Christmas Tree will burst into flames and be dangerous.

For more insight into crazy thinking and stupid laws, be sure to read, "The Death of Common Sense" available on

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Author: William May – Anti-Scrooge Advocate, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0001 – 12/31/14

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