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Everybody's Beach

By Jerry German
Published: 06/01/17 Topics: Mexico, Puerto Morelos, Mexico Comments: -

There are a lot of beautiful things about the beach here on the Riviera Maya, but you can't see all of them by looking at the beach. What you can't see is a beautiful law that says that the beach belongs to everybody.

The beach here in Puerto is really marvelous for swimming and snorkeling. We have the reef, the beautiful, protected, and protective reef.

There are many resorts all up and down the coast here, and if you're walking the beach, their security guards may try to tell you that you can't pass because it's private beach, but there's no such thing in Mexico.

At any rate, no resort owns the beach. It's not legally possible. It is sad that with the booming economy in this area with visitors increasing by nearly double digits yearly that some people still have to get all sort of protectionist.

I've enjoyed staying at large resorts. They can be a great place to go if you're on a short vacation and you absolutely don't want to make any decisions. That said, I find making decisions in Puerto Morelos to be half the fun.

You can stay here for two weeks, eat three meals a day, and never eat in the same restaurant twice. Without venturing out of town, there's over a mile of beach to explore. And there are multiple venues for live music to choose from in addition to street performers. Fun decisions all!

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Author: Jerry German, Caribe Suites
Blog #: 0563 – 06/01/17
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