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Crystal Mountain's Scenic Gondola Does Wow

By Emmalee David
Published: 09/01/14 Topics: Comments: -

Winter, we were worn out by March. Needing to shake it up a bit we hit the road in a southeasterly direction. Read more

Vortex Insider 08/25/2014

By William May
Published: 08/26/14 Topics: Comments: -

Periodic updates for August 2014 Read more

A Map, a Map, My Kingdom for a Map

By William May
Published: 07/20/14 Topics: Comments: -

Folded like origami (Japanese paper art), maps have been an indispensible tool for travelers for centuries. But today with Global Positioning Statellites (GPS) and Smart Phones, travel can be much easier but it does require some common sense. Read more

Outdoors-For-All, the Heros Among Us

By William May
Published: 06/09/14 Topics: Comments: -

Donate your home to charities for their use and fundraising and post your generosity on See how the Ski-For-All Foundation gave property owners the great satisfaction of helping disabled kids and adults to ski. Read more

Fast efficient mobile websites for Vacation rentals

By William May
Published: 05/23/14 Topics: Comments: -

It may not sound earth-shaking but Redstone Systems, creator of the software has just added their evolutionary new mobile websites to our system. Check it on your mobile phone now. Read more

Vortex Insider 05/18/14

By William May
Published: 05/20/14 Topics: Comments: -

In your high school, were there those mean folks who gossiped about everyone? It is a disease born of envy and inferiority. Well adjusted humans, discuss the world at large, business, the arts and other fun stuff. Read more

Vortex Insider 05/12/14

By William May
Published: 05/12/14 Topics: Comments: -

Mea culpa. The Insider newsletters have fallen behind but maybe that's good news. Reservations are busy, new inventory is in the pipeline. Of biggest news - Mobile websites have now been going on line. Look below. Read more

Crowing About Our New Mobile Website

By William May
Published: 05/01/14 Topics: Comments: -

It may not sound earth-shaking but Redstone Systems, creator of the software has just added their evolutionary new mobile websites to our system. Check it on your mobile phone now. Read more

What I do for a living

By William May
Published: 04/08/14 Topics: Comments: -

After a tragedy that has taken dozens of life in the small town of Oso Washington State, first-responders open the door to untrained volunteers after realizing they are better equipped at working in such difficult conditions. Read more

Vortex Insider 04/01/14

By William May
Published: 04/05/14 Topics: Comments: -

Read more

Top Reasons to Do-It-Yourself Vacation Rental

By William May
Published: 03/15/14 Topics: Comments: -

Renting the house seemed like a good idea. Cut out the middle man and rack in the big bucks. Guests will love the place, housekeepers are a dime a dozen, advertising is easy. Here are the top 10 reasons to handle everything personally. Read more

Vortex Insider 03/10/14

By William May
Published: 03/10/14 Topics: Comments: -

Hear it here first - the top complaint of the year. Our Board Meeting, Clean reminders and Guest Books. Pop quiz and upcoming important meetings. Read more

Varoom Vacation Rental Cooperative Springs to Life

By William May
Published: 02/23/14 Topics: Comments: -

Even with the thousands of advertising websites catering to vacation rental owners, guests often search in vain to find the perfect accommodations. Now the website www,, the world's first Vacation Rental Cooperative matches guests with property owners and managers to increase bookings. Read more

Vortex Insider 02/17/14

By William May
Published: 02/16/14 Topics: Comments: -

Pop Quiz winner, Cool new online cleaning system for managers and housekeepers. Joseph Romain profile, and another test of industry jargon. Read more

Vortex Insidier 02/10/14

By William May
Published: 02/13/14 Topics: Comments: -

Member proilfes for Deresa Norman, Guest Books, Welcome Books, Pop Quiz and Class Dates. What could be more fun,. Read more

Like Happy Lemmings to the Seahawk

By William May
Published: 02/06/14 Topics: Seattle, Sports Comments: -

On a frigid but stunningly bright blue sky day in the city of Seattle, the population of the region gathered together with one mind to share in the joy of something bigger than any of them could ever experience alone. To spread smiles and happiness for something seemingly simple but rare. Read more

Vortex Insider 02/03/04

By William May
Published: 02/03/14 Topics: Comments: -

In this month's treasure filled Insider newsletter - 2014 Vortex College training dates. WA state managers meeting dates, Warning about Food & Condiments in Units. Manager backup person. How Clean is Clean Enough - Flyer. New Fluid Width Websites and - here come the mobiles. Read more

How to Hire & Retain Happy Housekeepers (10 rules)

Published: 01/28/14 Topics: Property Management, Vacation Rental Association, Vacation Rentals, WAVRMA Comments: -

Servers at restaurants, both fancy and plain, demand tips. The valet who parks your car puts his hand out. Even your neighborhood Starbucks barrista wants money for making up your fancy café mocha, skinny, double cup, with foam. So how come lodging housekeepers seldom get tipped, and often receive far too little. Read more

Vortex Insider 01/27/14

By William May
Published: 01/27/14 Topics: Comments: -

Its Seattle Superbow week edition of the Vortex Insider. Crazy here. But business as usual for our hard working reservation staff, even on Sunday. In this edition other news and super stuff too. Read more

Vortex Insider 01/20/14

By William May
Published: 01/22/14 Topics: Comments: -

Ryan, Matt & Emmalee join us as we learn about guest behavior, refunds and how guests are learning how to rip off lodging providers. Read more

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