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Lodging Update September 30th 2017

By Wm. May
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This is a Halloween ghost-free lodging update just in time for Halloween. No goblins, jack-o-lanterns, ghouls, witches, or other supernatural matters.

Instead, let's talk about helpful things; how to be helpful, how to get help, what sort of help is available and how our friendly, courteous and kind staff want to help wherever they can.

Help is one of those words that can be something benign like "Can you please help me reach that jar on the top shelf" to something terrible, like "Quick, those people in the car wreck need medical help."

For business, help is usually less drastic. We want property owners, guests, vendors to be able get help from us.

We hope they all understand that our responsiveness is balanced with our obligation to undertake hundreds of duties every day.

We hope that whole idea is not too spooky.


Lodging Managers serve many masters. Guests want instant response. Owners want answers immediately. Field staff need support and coordination. Even neighbors may want help when that pesky bear turns over a garbage can.

Sometimes it seems like everyone wants help and wants it immediately, no matter the gravity. So here are the secrets of how to get help from us when you need it.

EMERGENCIES: Should you experience a true emergency, such as fire or medical, please call 9-1-1 first. Then you can follow up and contact us.

STAFF HOURS: Because we are open everyday of the year, and handle bookings 24/7, please understand that most staff do not work the usual 9AM to 5PM schedule. Many staff may be unreachable when they are out of mobile range.

HELP DESK: For almost everything you need, please call our Help Desk first. This is always the first place to go rather than to individual phone extensions or mobile numbers.

Telephone - - Dial the company phone number and press "1" to get the fastest response. Matters are handled in order of urgency. If calls pile up, it may be necessary to leave a message and you will receive a return call.

Email - - If your question includes many details, please send emails to our email address. Those are que'd for the Help Desk and will be seen quicker than emailing individual staff.

Online Posts - - You can submit online forms through our website & the forms get emailed to the Help Desk where they will be handled like emails.

Text - - Please do not make requests or ask questions by text as they disrupt the work flow for property managers and staff. Please phone or email the Help Desk instead.

After hours - - Phone greetings provide an option to push for urgent after-hours needs.

DISPATCH: The Help Desk will answer or forward matters to the appropriate staff member. Onsite property requests will go to Property Managers or Housekeepers. Admin, accounting, or marketing questions will go to office staff and considered when the office opens.

PRIORITY: When making requests, please indicate if it is urgent. Simple questions may be answered within a day, issues requiring study may take longer. Difficult issues may be answered by email or letter. Please allow a reasonable time for response. Feel free to contact us again if you have not heard back.

URGENCY: Our primary focus is on the condition of properties, providing guest services, and producing income for owners. Clients hire us to perform duties, and excessive or repeated requests actually slow down our ability to be responsive.

Time is limited, so the best way to serve multiple masters is to work diligently, prioritize requests and asks guests and owners for reasonable time to look into and solve their requests.

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0560 – 09/30/17
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