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Lodging Update February 28th 2017

By Wm. May
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I am absolutely sure that our clients are not as fascinated with vacation rentals and lodging as we are. Maybe other industries move as fast and furious as travel but it would be hard to find one.

Every day we are barraged with emails, forums, newsletters and other news about how technology is improving, twisting and turning the how, what, where, when and why guests explore the world.

Luckily, we recruited our own inhouse team of programmers and engineers a decade ago and have been able to meet the technological demands head on. In many cases we are far ahead of the curve.

Some of our innovations have been years ahead of the competition including things like dynamic range web optimized photos, interactive maps, electronic signatures, data bred dynamic rates and local branding.

But our greatest achievement is that we advertise on far more websites than anyone else. We are electronically integrated with all giants such as VRBO, AirBnB, TripAdvisor but also with dozens and dozens of others. Plus properties are on hundreds of other websites, online travel agencies and our own geographic tourism websites. Whew.

All of this comes about slowly due to the intricacies of programming and Internet distributed data.

But, with all the tech, the behind the scenes get-your-hands-dirty tasks are the most important. Why increase occupancy and income if issues increase? We are so lucky to have long-term staff members who handle the heavy lifting.

This month's list covers a few out-clean and deep-clean things our managers focus on..

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Cleaning full sized homes is far more complicated than simple hotel type rooms. They are much bigger, have more bathrooms, more beds, patios or yards, and those pesky kitchens.

Most guests are respectful, taking time to clean up after themselves, at least a bit. And no matter their care, our highly valuable cleaners come in and put the homes back to where they started. Here are just a few of the invisible cleaning tasks that keep vacation homes sparkling.

- Disinfect TV controls, games, Curios & knick knacks

- Remove everything from cabinets & scrub inside

- Wash ceiling fans, door knobs, light switches, outlets

- Vacuum fireplaces inside & out

- Inspect chimneys, maybe order chimney sweeper

- Vacuum baseboard filters & HVAC ducts

- Clean under cove base & high moldings

- Wire brush barbecues

- Wash windowsills top, sides, & bottom

- Open & empty faucet & shower heads

- Clean door jams & thresholds

- Empty & clean toaster, toaster ovens

- Wipe walls & reachable ceilings

- Clean & vacum window screens

- Store window screens in winter

- Inspect washer hoses, dryer vent duct

- Replace smoke detector batteries

- Empty drawers, clean inside, replace items

- Clean or dust underside of tables, chairs, sofas

- Open & inspect hot tub & pool equipment

- Inspect & clean grout lines

- Clean & touch-up scuff marks

- Turn, inspect & spot clean mattresses

- Dust behind minors & artwork

- Clean behind refrigerator, stove, TVs, washer & dryer

- Sweep, sometime wash decks including handrails

- Inspect for pests.

- Scrub waaaaaay back behind the toilets

- Etc Etc Etc

Deep Cleans should be done twice annually, depending on occupancy.

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Ruth Schwarberg has been cleaning homes and supervising cleaners for many years. At one time handling hundreds at a time. That takes great organization and, most of all, a wonderful smile and working attitude toward staff as well as home owners. We are so lucky to have her leadership and never-say no attitude..

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0551 – 02/28/17
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