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Lodging Update June 30th 2016

By Wm. May
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The lodging business just keeps getting stranger. Expedia buys HomeAway, HomeAway owns some unknown little websites and some of those have started producing bookings. Something fishy (good fishy) going on here.

So called experts are clamoring for "Listing Site Independence" but there is no sense in arguing. The big fish eat the little fish. The only solution is to get along and work with every lodging website advertising channel to produce more net income for owners.

Plus we create more feeder websites, individual property websites and support them with extra advertising and search engine optimization. Answer emails fast. Answer the phone even faster.

Dare I say, we are the only lodging management company that does this? Maybe we are not the biggest, but we are definitely out-working them all.

OK, enough of the sales pitch I guess. Here is your monthly updater

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Our JOB #1 is to provide clean, comfortable safe accommodations. Housekeepers, maintenance people and property managers are on the front line 7 days a week making that happen.

Summer is an especially harrowing, with properties often booked back-to-back. The grind never stops so we are lucky to have such great people.

Many lodging management companies complain incessantly of their ability to find, retain and attain high quality hospitality cleaning. We have avoided that fate by living by the Golden Rule. It really works.

Hiring - We do take time to interview recruits about their life, family, and other factors in hopes of learning what kind of person they are. We want those who take care of others with grace and charm.

Expectation - We only hold staff to the level of achievement that we could personally attain. Cleaning full size houses is far more difficult than small hotel rooms. Most people would pale at the physical challenge.

Compensation - The lodging industry is not a place to get rich quick. We pay more, we pay quick and we provide incentives to staff members.

Tips - People who clean toilets for a living appreciate every gratuity they get. Perhaps even more than servers, bell hops, and concierges who always have their hand out. Housekeepers are authorized to leave tip envelopes in every property, asking guests to contact us if they have needs.

Consideration - To help staff meet personal and family requirements, we schedule around their needs, juggle hours, and go out of our way to make working here pleasant. We want to provide a solid reliable income for these wonderfully diligent folks.

Respect - People who clean toilets, deserve our highest respect (not our lowest.) Being President of the United States must be a tough job. But truly, it is not as hard as housekeeping.

Communication - Managers never never yell at staff, never intimidate, never threaten. Instead, we encourage, train and emphasize. Managers stand shoulder to shoulder working with staff. Leaders lead by example.

So, let's take just a minute to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

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PROFILE: This month it's time to introduce Noel Poage, one of our ace Dynamic Range photographers and creative directors to you. He joined a year ago and has been indispensable for many reasons. One is his unfailingly happy attitude and well mannered approach to everyone. We are lucky to have him and others like him with such admirable attitudes.

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
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