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Lodging Update August 31st 2017

By Wm. May
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Today the Inns, Resorts & Vacation Rental Industry has became known as "Speciality Lodging" to differentiate it from conventional hotels which are dominated by Brand Name Chain properties in many markets.

The mega giant hotel brand names offer some benefits to customers. They are universally similar, offer the same features, friendly uniformed staff, clean rooms and even free breakfast.

The reason for all those brands, is the industry's way of saying you get what you pay for. Best Western means good medium cost properties. Four Seasons Resorts are top of the line and will break your bank account. But Econolodge means, well, if you are on a budget you can save money here.

Naturally the quality, amenities and even location are commensurate to what you pay. So when you book a place online, study a bit in advance to understand what you are buying. You won't get Four Seasons pampered luxury for $79 per night.

Big brands have a problem however. Most are franchises owned by independent owners or smaller hotel groups. Although quality is supposed to match the specifications that the Franchisor requires, not all properties within a brand will be of the same quality.

Vacation Rentals are similar because management firms are independent. Their idea of quality, luxury, amenities and features are not all the same. Some corporations are trying to take over the market but struggle to maintain committed, qualified staff.

Our answer is to make our hard-working diligent managers into partners. They are the caretakers of quality because they have the incentive to do so.

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Many of our day-to-day services for property owners are hidden, but essential. Take for example - a day in the life of the reservation staff. Here is a peek.

Staff arrive early to check emails, text messages, email and even snail mail from hundreds of guests seeking lodging, answering surveys or making payments. The pace is rentless. They check all orders from our over-night reservation folks who have been busy doing the same while the world slept.

GUEST: I know check in is at 5PM but can I get in now at 11? STAFF: I am sorry, but the house is not yet cleaned. GUEST: That's OK we can sleep in dirty sheets. STAFF: I am sorry we can not do that. How about I call you when the house is clean?

GUEST: I left my phone in the house. Can you mail it to me? STAFF: I will ask the housekeepers to check. GUEST: Are you trying to steal my phone?

GUEST: The house says 12 occupants, but could I have my wedding there, about 30 people?

STAFF: I am sorry, but group gatherings are not allowed. GUEST: Can I get married at a church and just have the party there? STAFF: I am sorry but maximum occupancy at any one time is 8 people.

STAFF: May I get your credit card number again, I must have it wrong. GUEST: I put in a fake number. STAFF: Payment is required in advance. GUEST: But I don't have any money. STAFF: I can leave the booking on hold for 24 hours if you would like to call back within a working credit card. GUEST: No, I am going to find a place that does not ask so many questions.

GUEST: I am writing ask for a full refund because it rained for 2 of our 7 days there. STAFF: I am sorry but we can not guarantee the weather. GUEST: You should tell people it could rain.

STAFF: I am sorry but I do not see your name in our records. GUEST: But I booked online. STAFF: On which website? GUEST: I don't remember. STAFF: What home did you book. GUEST: I don't remember. STAFF: When did you book? GUEST: I don't remember. STAFF: Hmmmmm.

GUEST: I can not get the TV remote control to work. STAFF: Are you using the black device? GUEST: No, sorry I can now see I have been using the fan remote control.

GUEST: I am trying to find the house but am lost. STAFF: May I ask where you are at. GUEST: I don't know. STAFF: Do you see a street sign? GUEST: No. STAFF: Is anyone with you who can help. GUEST: Only my dog.

GUEST: Does the lake go up and down every day? STAFF: It the ocean tides. GUEST: I don't care, they should fix it or warn people.

STAFF: The housekeepers can not find your phone. GUEST: That's OK it was in my purse. STAFF: I am glad you found it. GUEST: It took you a whole hour to look?

GUEST1: We had a marvelous time. The house was wonderful. GUEST2: We are giving you five stars, everything about booking was smooth. GUEST3: We met the housekeeper who was delightful. GUEST4: We will recommend your company to all our friends. OWNER: After 12 years with you, I am continually amazed at your professionalism.

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0549 – 08/31/17
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