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Lodging Update June 30th 2017

By Wm. May
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I must say it has been a funny summer.

Not funny as in odd but funny like laugh out loud, have a lot of fun, host a lot of guests and have things mostly run smooth and doable.

Any industry that deals with consumers knows that expectations are high and sometimes higher than anyone could attain. Rather than worry about that, the plan is always to aim high, offer great products and anticipate the customers demands.

Lodging is just like that.

I am so grateful to all the great owners who allow us to book their homes and to all the great staff who help us do it.

That is what makes it fun.

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To continue with this months theme of funny, ha ha, have fun summer, here are a few wry comments that keep us bustling during the high seasons.

Weather - No matter the work, no matter the challenges I will come right out and admit everything is easy when the weather is great. Does this summer seem even better than ever? I think so.

Guests - Because there are sometimes little snafus, quandries, and kerfuffles (I had to look up that last one) we must keep in mind the tens of thousands (yes tens of thousands) of guests are delighted with the cabins, cottages, houses and villas we provide them. What fun.

Owners - Where would we be without all the thoughtful, kind and considerate clients who allow us to offer their wonderful second homes? You make us smile and you make guests smile too.

Staff - While most lodging operators suffer with employee turnover, we get to have pleasant high seasons because so many of our people have been with us for many many years. It shows when you hire the right people, pay them better, and ALWAYS treat them with respect, everyone has fun.

Onsite services are difficult but are smoother when the pros are there to keep homes in tip-top shape. Marketing, Sales, and Accounting get to work in cozy offices but run sprints this time of year. Because they have such great attitudes, summer is still the best time of the year.

Engineers - Technology has come to dominate advertising of Vacation Rentals but the programming continues to change at break-neck speed. Luckily we have had the same team for ten years or are always ten years ahead of everyone else. Although they are seldom seen, please put on a big smile for those unsung heroes.

Competitors - We even get the giggles about "the others." One national company is expanding all costs, but has 300 complaints and scathing reviews. Most managers would have zero, maybe one or two. But 300? Really? You just gotta laugh, but feel sorry for their guests and owners. Another is losing a million dollars a month to buy owners, but what happens when they run out of money?

Picante Sauce - Another competitor is trying to "manage" homes from far, far away by just hiring "local vendors" who they say are easy to find. But when pilloried in public reviews, their stock answer is "We are only the booking agent, it’s the owners problem." We would never shirk work. (** See our online blog "Vacation Rental Picante Sauce" for a good laugh.)

Advertising - Dozens of start-ups continue to dive into the speciality lodging website business. We have watched some come and go over the years. Even Google is jumping into the fray. Others are also too big to avoid and, with our technology we integrate and cooperate with them all. No one else can.

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PROFILE: Something funny here too. This month we profile a "secet" staff member who is too shy to be named. A long time lodging industry expert, who helps clean, maintain and oversee homes on a part-time basis. Where would be be without her? How great to have pros like this on our side? Some of you have met her. Can you guess who it is?

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
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